IMPHAL: Believe it or not, a dead man drew salary for 16 years and has been drawing pension after retirement.

During this period, he was also promoted from the post of assistant linesman to linesman. In fact, L. Ningthemjao died on June 21, 1985 when his son, L. Rishikanta, was too young to know about pension and other financial benefits. His widow, L. Tombi, an illiterate, too was unaware of such benefits.

Talking to reporters, Rishikanta said that he is taking recourse to legal redress since some corrupt elements in the Electricity Department have been swindling money in the name of his dead father. When Rishikanta wanted to know about pensions and the like other benefits he got no response from the department.The mother and son then sought relevant information from the Electricity Department under the Right to Information Act. As a last resort, the son petitioned to the State Information Commission on July 7, 2007. The State Information Commission has registered a case.