NEW DELHI: Vice President-elect Mohammad Hamid Ansari is looking forward to his new job with “anticipation and trepidation.” He also exudes confidence about presiding over the Rajya Sabha but at the same time is “sufficiently realistic” about the challenges that lie ahead.

“I have only been elected to the office. I am delighted with the results,” he told PTI after being elected as Vice President.

“You feel confident and you also have to be sufficiently realistic that you have to learn,” said the former diplomat when asked for his reaction on being elected to the high office.

“I do not imagine there will be any difficulty in running the House,” he said, adding a lot would depend on the cooperation of members.

“In any assembly, it is the assembly that runs itself. So, how difficult the House would be would depend on the cooperation of the members.”

He sought to dismiss upheavals in the House as “occasional excitements.”

Mr. Ansari said it was difficult to comment on the quality of debates in the House as the speakers “are elected representatives of the people.”

“No citizen is apolitical as a citizen by definition has to take interest in public affairs,” he said when asked whether his being apolitical would help in the smooth conduct of the Rajya Sabha. — PTI