Marcus Dam

KOLKATA: A film that has attempted to depict the lives of a section of the Anglo-Indians in Kolkata, with their tradition threatened by the forces of development, finds itself in the midst of a controversy.

The nominated MLA representing the community in West Bengal, Barry O’Brien, has called for a ban on the film “Bow Barracks Forever!” unless a mention was made in the credits that it was totally a work of fiction. Neither was it reflective of the Anglo-Indians it sought to portray nor the place where some of them lived — a housing suburb in the central part of the city, popularly known as Bow Barracks — he told The Hindu on Tuesday.

Mr. O’Brien earlier addressed his appeal for a ban on the film to Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, who is also the Minister of Information and Cultural Affairs, while drawing the attention of the Speaker of the West Bengal Assembly, H.A. Halim, to the matter during mention hour on Tuesday.

Mr. O’Brien said that the film, which was purportedly on the lives of a section of the Anglo-Indian community with the storyline of they being deprived of their homes by land sharks, was a travesty of truth.