Special Correspondent

AHMEDABAD: A new party, “New Socialist Movement,” has been launched with its base in Gujarat.

The Election Commission has registered it as a political party, general secretary Amrish Patel said here on Saturday. It intended putting up 10-15 candidates in the coming Gujarat Assembly elections.

Combat communal politics

The party would combat the communal politics in the State. It would not have any alliance with any party but would share its interest with “like-minded” social and voluntary organisations fighting for the same cause.

An offshoot of the Jansangharsha Manch, which is representing riot victims before the G. T. Nanavati and K. G. Shah judicial commission probing the Godhra train carnage and the post-Godhra communal violence, the new party would try to give back voice to the common people lost in the power politics of the Congress and the BJP, he said. “We will not be broker for proximity to power but only want to get back the opposition pace that have been surrendered by the main political rivals in their bid to capture power,” he said.