Atiq Khan

LUCKNOW: Two Samajwadi Party supporters were shot dead by three youths in Simrauna village, about 150 km from here on Sunday.

The deceased were brothers. The three assailants are also siblings. No arrests have been made.

The assailants escaped on their motorcycle. Election rivalry is stated to be the cause of the crime.

The deceased and the assailants belong to Simrauna village in Isauli Assembly constituency in Sultanpur district. The seat was won by Chandra Bhan alias Sonu Singh of the Samajwadi Party.

The incident occurred following an altercation between the deceased, Krishna Kumar Singh and Harphool Singh, and the accused, Bantoo alias Shiv Shankar Singh, Amit Singh and Mannoo Singh.

Sultanpur Superintendent of Police, A. K. Mishra said a couple of days ago the deceased were confronted by the assailants, who wanted to know why they exploded crackers to celebrate Chandra Bhan Singh's election victory.