Kannur: PakistanMP Mohammed Thaha Mohammed's recent visit to Thalassery has sparked a controversy, with Sangh Parivar groups questioning the motive behind a reported meeting local Muslim leaders had with the parliamentarian.

The 50-year old Mohammed, who holds a diplomatic passport with which he can travel to SAARC nations, had reached the town on Wednesday and informed police that he was to visit relatives of his grandfather, who had migrated to the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi.

However, activists of the BJP and other Sangh Parivar groups on Friday staged a march to the hotel where Mohammed was staying, claiming that leaders of a few Muslim outfits, including the Kerala-based National Development Front (NDF), a fundamental group, were seen visiting the MP. They demanded that the MP be asked to leave the country.

District BJP president P.K. Velayudhan justified the march against the MP's visit and questioned the ``hidden'' motives behind the alleged visit by several local Muslim leaders to the hotel where Mohammed had stayed.

Thalassery Circle Inspector K.V. Raghuraman said Mohammed had met two relatives of his grandfather during his stay in the town. His travel documents were found to be in order.

Mr. Raghuraman said the MP had left for Mumbai on Saturday en route to Delhi, where he is scheduled to attend a meeting. PTI