It will be a tie, says CNN-IBN

NEW DELHI: Exit polls on two television news channels on Tuesday night predicted a majority for the Akali Dal-BJP combine in the Punjab Assembly elections while another projected a tie.

A survey conducted by Star News and NDTV gave a simple majority to the Akali Dal-BJP alliance with similar projections of around 60 and 50 seats to the Akali Dal-BJP and the Congress respectively.

However, a CNN-IBN poll predicted 50 to 60 seats to both the Akali Dal-BJP and the Congress with an identical vote share of 41 per cent each.

It gave a larger share to other parties with 13 per cent and the BSP with five per cent vote share.

The survey conducted by AC Nielson for Star News gave 60 seats to the BJP-SAD (Badal) combine, 48 to the Congress but seven seats to other parties/independent candidates of the 115 constituencies that went to the polls out of a total 117.

NDTV 24x7 came out with almost similar projections, giving between 55 and 65 seats to the Akali Dal-BJP combine and between 45 and 55 to the Congress.

NDTV said it surveyed 47,610 voters across 75 seats for its exit poll. CNN-IBN did not indicate its sample size and spread.

On the vote share, the Star News survey puts Congress quite behind the Akali Dal-BJP combine with 37 and 41 per cent respectively.

Other parties/independent candidates are predicted to pull as much as 22 per cent of the voters.

About 13,000 people were questioned across 50 constituencies in the State during the survey, Star News said.