Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is all set to make its admission and accreditation processes online from March 1.

The new system will benefit students interested in the mode of distance education as they can now directly deal with the NIOS instead of enrolling through Accredited Institutions (AIs).

Since the teaching-learning mechanism is through distance education, NIOS partners with recognised formal schools, institutions and agencies involved in education activities termed as AIs to carry out various academic and administrative functions to provide support to the learners. The AIs, Accredited Vocational Institutions and Accredited Agencies serve as study and examination centres of NIOS.

"Going online implies that there will be a fundamental shift in the way we operate. Now, the students do not need to register with AIs to approach us. They can reach us directly online and also choose the kind of exam [on demand or regular] that they want to write," said NIOS secretary D.S. Bisht on Thursday.

"The present system had been highly unsatisfactory for us because we have no control over AIs and there have been weaknesses in their delivery systems. Our learners are also not in touch with us. With admissions becoming online, our learners are no longer dependent on AIs and can have direct access to us." However, those students who are not tech-savvy can still access NIOS through the conventional route of AIs.

Earlier, learners had to study at an NIOS centre for at least a year to be able to take the exams for any class. Now, a student who studied at home will be allowed to do so.

On the online accreditation process, Mr. Bisht said: "We are launching this scheme through an application software package called e-accreditation. This will minimise the time spent in granting accreditation to various institutions. The interested educational agencies can just submit their applications online and can get to know about their status without any hindrance."