Special Correspondent

Report of AIDS Control Programme-III

  • 5 million Indians employed in tourism industry
  • Rajasthan receives fair to heavy flow of tourists

    NEW DELHI: Foreign tourists frequent India because of its relaxed laws, child sex workers and with a false idea that there is a lower incidence of AIDS.About 2,000 women are in the sex trade along the Baina beachfront in Goa, according to the report `Social Assessment of HIV/AIDS Among Tribal People in India.'

    Describing India as a favoured destination of paedophile sex tourists from Europe and the United States, the report of the National AIDS Control Programme- III pointed out that the main frequenters of sex workers in Goa were tourists, local men and college boys.

    It said that over five million Indians were employed by the tourism industry and 12 million indirectly dependent on it.

    In recent years, bars and discotheques had opened up as well.

    This toohad led to growth of the sex trade and trafficking in humans, the report said.

    Rajasthan also received a fair to heavy flow of foreign and Indian tourists, especially in winter.

    As reported by several non-governmental organisations, tourists there get involved with sex workers.

    In Andhra Pradesh, it was reported that in tourist spots such as the Araku Valley visitors indulged in sexual activities with tribal girls.

    The NACP-III would seek the assistance of the Tourism departments to minimise spread of the epidemic among tourists.