Vinay Kumar

NEW DELHI: Union Home Secretary G.K. Pillai on Friday favoured a faster procurement policy to help security forces get modern equipment to deal with extremist forces like naxalites.

“If procurement procedure takes too much time — three years or five years — it creates problem, because by the time you get the equipment, something new or advanced comes into the market,” he said, addressing a conference on internal security organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) here.

“Therefore, there is urgent need to expedite procurement procedures to acquire the technology required by anti-terrorist outfits. We have already started the process of determining what the industry has on offer to match it with what we need,” he added.

Mr. Pillai said the biggest problem was that “whether it is the police forces, whether it is the paramilitary forces, they are not technology savvy.” The country was facing deteriorating security environment and called for cooperation from the industry [in technological upgradation].

He also favoured the use of innovative and ingenious solutions, along with advanced technology to tackle anti-national forces.

“We have large projects which are already under way. There is CCTNS [Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems], National Intelligence Grade, upgradation of MAC [Multi Agency Centre], National Counter Terrorism Centre. We want bullet-proof jackets, we want mine-protection vehicles, mine detectors and a whole gamut of equipment. The demand is already there. The question for all of you is how to tap the market,” he said.

On many occasions, the criminals outsmarted the security forces and even the Maoists know that mines could be detected by vehicles only between 8 cm and 10 cm depth.