Vinay Kumar

“They were part of the larger conspiracy behind Mumbai attack”

FBI asked to supply voice samples of Headley, Rana

NEW DELHI: As investigators are working overtime to retrace the steps of U.S. terror suspect David Headley and his Pakistan-born Canadian accomplice Tahawwur Rana, who had visited India prior to the 26/11 terror attacks, all leads are pointing to the involvement of the duo in the conspiracy and planning of the terror strikes in Mumbai.

Investigations carried out so far indicated that the Headley-Rana duo had the same handlers in Pakistan as the team of 10 Pakistani terrorists who executed the terror attacks in Mumbai.

“Evidence is gradually establishing that Headley and Rana were part of the larger conspiracy behind the Mumbai attack. They were in touch with same people who were giving directions to Ajmal Amir Kasab who happens to be the lone surviving terrorist in Mumbai attack and other terrorists,” the source said.

Indian investigators have asked Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the U.S. to supply voice samples of Headley and Rana who were arrested for allegedly plotting terror attacks targeting India, Denmark and other places.

The voice sample could be compared with the sample available in India after investigators were able to zero in on the phone conversations intercepted here.

Home Ministry sources said that filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s son Rahul was not a terror suspect, but investigators would ascertain if he had “unwittingly” helped Headley during his sojourn in Mumbai last year.