HYDERABAD: Two flight tests of the third-generation anti-tank Nag missiles were successfully carried out by the Army in the deserts of Rajasthan during day and night on Sunday, as part of ongoing winter trials.

While the first missile, launched from the dedicated carrier Namica at 1655 hrs, homed in on the moving target at a range of 1.8 kms in nine seconds and destroyed it in a “top-attack mode,” the second Nag, fired at 2200 hrs against a derelict tank, also proved to be equally lethal and smashed the target, covering a distance of 3.1 kms, according to Nag’s project director S.S. Mishra.

He said the entire system for both trials was handled by the Army, which is conducting the final user trials as a prelude to the induction of the day-and-night, advanced, hit-to-kill missile, said to be superior to Spike of Israel and Javelin, U.S.A., in terms of range (four km) and lethality.

Two more flight tests will be conducted on Monday and another trial on December 30.