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Gets the position fifth time in a row

Haryana second, Delhi stands third

CHANDIGARH: Chandigarh has the highest per capita income in the country, measured both at current and constant prices, announced the Directorate of Economics and Statistics (Statistical Cell) while unveiling the “Annual Statistics of State Domestic Product/Per Capita Income” here.

According to the latest figures, the per capita income here for 2006-07 is Rs.99,262 at current prices and Rs.70,361 at constant prices. The city’s growth is placed at 11.49 per cent monetarily and 6.39 per cent in real terms. The coveted position comes to the city for the fifth time in a row. Its per capita income has gone up about 2.5 times in the last eight years from Rs.44,502 in 2000 to Rs.1,10,676 in 2008.

Haryana is rated second with Rs.49,039 at current prices and Rs.35,779 at constant prices. Delhi is rated third in the list, with figures of Rs.66,728 and Rs.50,565. The All-India figure for 2006-07 is Rs.29,642 at current prices and Rs.22,553 at constant prices.

The Gross State Domestic Product of Chandigarh has the highest component of tertiary sector which is around 78.09 per cent at constant prices since 1999-2000, with 75.91 per cent during the year under review (2008). The secondary sector (Industries and manufacturing) contributed around 20.69 per cent since 1999-2000, with 23.54 per cent in the review year at constant prices. The contribution of the primary sector (agriculture and allied activities), which was only 1.22 per cent in 1999-2000, has slipped further to 0.55 per cent in 2007-08 at constant prices.