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They are pinning hopes on call details of Arushi’s missing mobile phones

Imprint of a blood stained palm is being seen as a crucial lead

Medical examination ruled out the possibility of rape

LUCKNOW: The Noida double murder case is proving to be a tough nut to crack.

Five days after the sensational killing of the teenaged school girl, Arushi Talwar and her servant, Hemraj, the police have now pinned their hopes on the call details of the missing mobile phones of the deceased.

Additional Director-General of Police, Law and Order and S.T.F., Brij Lal said here on Tuesday that the call details were being examined by the Noida police and the S.T.F. but nothing definite had emerged so far. The ADG said the cell phones had not been traced.

Mr. Lal said no arrests were made, though over a dozen persons, including Arushi’s parents and close relatives, were interrogated. The police official denied reports that pressure was being applied on the investigating teams in a bid to hush up the case.

He said autopsy on Arushi Talwar showed the presence of semi-digested food in her stomach. The post-mortem examination on Hemraj showed the presence of some liquid in his stomach.

Mr. Lal said Hemraj’s viscera had been sent for forensic examination to find out whether the liquid was an intoxicant or liquor.

Arushi’s viscera had also been sent for medical examination, the ADG said. The forensic report was awaited.

The imprint of a blood stained palm on the roof of the Noida Sector 25 house of the Talwars, from where Hemraj’s body was recovered the next day, was being seen as a crucial lead that would help in cracking the case.

Mr. Lal said the finger prints did not match those of the persons interrogated by the police or those of the servant.

Several theories

Several theories were being floated on the possible cause of the double murder. The latest is the sex angle to the case.

However, Mr. Lal said the medical examination of Arushi ruled out the possibility of rape.

The vaginal swap also did not support the possibility of sexual intercourse, the ADG said. The medical report mentioned “N.A.D.” (no abnormality detected).

The Noida police and senior officials here, however, have been unable to give a convincing reply to the reported finding by the investigating teams that the girl was kept under lock and key in her room by her parents.

Nothing can be disclosed till the police have gathered clinching evidence, the ADG said.