Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: All Chief Ministers of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) parties are to meet here on March 29 to discuss development models and strategies.

A few months ago, a similar meeting took place and it was decided that ahead of the Lok Sabha poll due next year the BJP and its allied parties should project all NDA-ruled States as development models.

The claim being made is that the NDA-ruled States are better governed than States ruled by the Congress and its allies in the United Progressive Alliance.

The day-long meeting is scheduled to take place at the residence of Leader of the Opposition L.K. Advani.

One of the issues that would be discussed is the implementation of the recent legislation on rights of forest-dwellers, the tribals. The BJP’s Scheduled Tribes Morcha has suggested that a road map be made to ensure that the legislation is implemented within six months.

The party also has a plan to question the debt relief announcement for farmers after the June 30 deadline announced by the UPA government for its implementation.