Special Correspondent

PATNA: The CPI (M-L) on Tuesday charged the Nitish Kumar government with cheating the people by making “false” announcements and claims.

At a party rally here, general secretary Deepankar Bhattacharya alleged that the NDA government in the State had failed on all fronts and the Chief Minister had not succeeded in keeping even one promise despite being in office for well over 28 months. The ‘worst lapse’ was in allowing ‘deterioration’ in the law and order situation, though Mr. Kumar promised to set it right within three months of assuming office.

The CPI (M-L) leader said there was neither sushashan (good governance) nor development in the State.

Mr. Bhattacharya alleged that people were not being given their quota of ration. Also, no jobs had been given under the rural employment guarantee programme. As a result the deprived people were reeling under poverty and starvation.

Even on the land reforms front nothing had been done, he charged. The committee formed for the purpose was submitting its report in instalments. No land had been distributed among the needy.

He accused the Centre of ignoring the plight of sharecroppers while waiving the loans of farmers.