NEW DELHI: A delegation led by the Archbishop of Delhi has met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and demanded repeal of the Delhi High Court’s ruling de-criminalising homosexuality which the delegation termed “illegal and immoral”.

The delegation led by Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao later said Dr. Singh had noted the danger and consequences of the ruling on the social fabric of society.

“We met the Prime Minister on December 9 but he told us the government has no opinion and has left it to the Supreme Court to decide on the ruling. But he also said that he is aware of the danger and consequences of the ruling. He seems to realise the threat on the social fabric of our society,” said Archbishop Concessao.

He said the members of the delegation were hopeful of a court verdict in their favour claiming that they were supporting the cause of the common people.

Various religious leaders and groups have opposed the ruling and have filed a writ in the Supreme Court.

The leaders said homosexuality is an ‘intrinsically evil act’ and churches across the country are counselling the youths on this issue.

“Homosexuals have a tendency to influence others so there is a need to counsel these people without destroying their human dignity. Anything which goes against the definition of being a man, woman and animal are unnatural and the youths should be taught about it,” said the Archbishop.

Asked about any consultations with other religious groups on the matter, the Church leaders replied in the negative . -- PTI