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Anupam Kher sees ‘appeasement politics’

Madhur Tankha
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“We are going through a phase which is taking us to the dark ages”

Anupam Kher
Anupam Kher

Actor Anupam Kher on Thursday expressed solidarity with Kamal Haasan, whose film Vishwaroopam is at the centre of a controversy.

“The entire controversy is ridiculous,” said Mr. Kher, who travelled with Mr. Haasan to the United States recently. “I have been a former boss of the Central Board of Film Certification. Once the board gives the green signal to a film, it should be implemented in letter and in spirit. Do filmmakers have to screen their movies before five different organisations to get the go-ahead? We are going through a phase which is taking us to the dark ages. Different interpretations are being given to films. Controversies are being created on caste and religious lines. Unfortunately, the establishment listens to those who indulge in such kind of talks … This is nothing but appeasement politics.”

Mr. Kher, who was in the Capital to promote Neeraj Pandey’s film Special 26 , said Mr. Haasan explained to him how he made Vishwaroopam while they were travelling to America. “But the moment our plane landed in the U.S., someone phoned Kamal to inform him that his film has been banned. It was like going back to the dark ages.”

Akshay echoes sentiments

Echoing Mr. Kher’s sentiments, actor Akshay Kumar said it was not possible for a filmmaker to get clearance from everybody. “In my last film, someone objected to a line in one of my songs. But I convinced them by giving a convincing explanation.”

He said if the government was unhappy with the CBFC, then it should appoint the “right people.”



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