Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: The former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK general secretary, Jayalalithaa, has criticised the Andhra Pradesh Government for conducting a raid at the offices of Margadarsi Financiers.

"If there is any complaint about the malfunctioning of a financial institution, it is the duty of the Reserve Bank of India to send its officers to investigate the matter. There are rules and regulations relating to this," she said in a statement. The State police had no authority or jurisdiction to conduct any raid in this matter.

Noting that those running Margadarsi Financiers were also the owners of the Eenadu newspaper, she said the newspaper, which was popular among the people, had been exposing corruption. "The freedom of the press in essence means that it will be critical of the actions of the ruling party."

Describing the raid as an "anti-democratic act," she said failing to condemn it would only encourage vindictiveness against the opposition.

"If the same party rules at the Centre and in the State, or if the same alliance rules, a false theory is being propagated now that it would help the prosperity of the State. Many times the public have been led to believe this and consequently have been hoodwinked. But the truth is, if at the Centre and in the State, parties with similar ideological orientation rule, instead of the State progressing, the anarchic and autocratic behaviour of the ruling party only increases further," she added.