A day after the resignation of former State Minister for Dairy and Khadi Development Babulal Nagar over allegations of rape, the ruling Congress suffered another embarrassment on Friday when a married woman accused sitting Congress MLA from Nimbahera (near Chittorgarh) Udailal Anjana of raping her for over 25 years.

The victim, hailing originally from Nagaur district, accused Mr. Anjana of raping her ever since she came into contact with him in 1984.

The woman claimed the legislator had promised to marry her but had later gone back on his word. She also accused him of forcing her to get three abortions, abandoning her new born baby and keeping her confined against her wish.

Mr. Anjana, however, refuted the allegations, terming them to be politically motivated.

Keeping a close watch on the developments, the Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party has demanded that the Rajasthan government issue a “status paper on women’s safety.”