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Writes to Director on security and sanitation

‘Challans’ issued to institute on active breeding of mosquitoes

Incidents of car theft, chain snatching and misuse of community hall ground

NEW DELHI: Worried about inadequate security and poor sanitation at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, the Faculty Association of the Institute has written to the Director asking him to take urgent action to improve the state of affairs.

The Association is also worried that several ‘challans’ have been issued to the Institute by the New Delhi Municipal Council after active breeding of mosquitoes was noticed in the campus.


But what the senior faculty at the Institute are most apprehensive about is “the fact that the Institute does not seem to have the power to reconstitute important committees, including the security and the Disease Prevention and Outbreak Response Cell [DPORC]. The DPROC was constituted last year and it had done excellent work. Later in December 2007, the committee was reconstituted by the then acting director and the names of its members were sent to the Health Secretary for approval. While this is an unnecessary waste of time and effort, the fact of the matter is that there has been no committee after that so far.

“In the meantime, the Institute’s Deputy Director (Administration) Shailesh Yadav has been de-facto overall in-charge of all systems at AIIMS, including security, sanitation and engineering,” said a senior faculty member.

The Faculty Association has also complained about lack of security in the Institute. “There have been several incidents of car theft, chain snatching, and misuse of community hall ground by inebriated hooligans and anti-social elements who keep loitering around in the residential campus and hospital premises.

‘No accountability’

“It seems there is no accountability of AIIMS or the private security personnel stationed here,” the letter stated. Senior faculty members have also complained that despite numerous letters being written about the state of sanitation on the campus, there has been no response from the authorities so far.


Maintaining that the contents of the Faculty Association letter was the personal opinion of a few faculty members, Mr. Yadav said: “The security and sanitation activities in the Institute and campus are going on as per routine and we are following a strict regime to ensure that there is no mosquito breeding anywhere in the hospital or residential areas of AIIMS. The Institute Director, Dr. P. Venugopal, had also written to the Delhi Mayor Arti Mehra previously stating that sanitation of the Institute and its campus was top priority and that there was no negligence.”