Diplomatic Correspondent

NEW DELHI: "We will spare no effort to restore Afghanistan's historical role as a land bridge connecting the surrounding regions," Afghan President Hamid Karzai said at the second regional economic conference on the landlocked nation.

"We also recognise that Afghanistan's stability is an asset for the region, whereas an unstable Afghanistan will undoubtedly put the vision of a peaceful and prosperous region in jeopardy," Mr. Karzai said on Saturday.

According to him, there were many factors from the fragility of security, to inadequate physical infrastructure, to inconsistent policies which play to the detriment of regional economic cooperation.

The President argued that the presence of international military forces in Afghanistan had been critical not only to the fight against terrorism and rebuilding security institutions in the country, but also contributedto the security of the entire region.

"To those of our partners who may be pondering their continued involvement in Afghanistan, I say the job is not over and the stakes are still very high," he said.

"The war we are collectively fighting against international terrorism cannot be won with hesitation and uncertainty. To win this war, we need enduring partnership of solid and unwavering allies," Mr. Karzai said.