Raktima Bose

KOLKATA: Film personality Tapen Chattopadhyay, famous for his role as Goopi in Satyajit Ray's classic Goopi Gayen Bagha Bayen (Goopi the singer Bagha the drummer), died here on Monday.

He was suffering from a chronic pulmonary ailment. The 72-year-old is survived by his wife and two sons.

Chattopadhyay started his career in the advertising department of a children's magazine, Sandesh, before being cast by Ray as Goopi.

The actor became famous overnight and went on to play the same character in two more films — one directed by Ray and another by Ray's son Sandip Ray.

Though he had acted in few other films too, Chattopadhyay was always remembered and identified with the jovial and somewhat silly character of Goopi.

Mr. Sandip Ray remembers him as a “fun person to work with” and said his death marked the end of both a good human being and a fine actor.