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Narolla Charlottee and her husband visit Cubbon Park and other places

Ms. Narolla also visited the Raj Bhavan

Ms. Narolla and her husband hope that authorities will not change its name

BANGALORE: A descendant of Sir Mark Cubbon, the British resident of the then Mysore State and one of the pioneers responsible for the sprawling Cubbon Park in Bangalore, went round the park and other places of interest.

Narolla Charlottee, great-granddaughter of Sir Mark Cubbon, visited the High Court, Cubbon Park and also viewed with interest a statue of Cubbon on horseback.

Appreciating the beauty of Cubbon Park, Ms. Narolla and her husband Tony A. Paul hoped that the authorities would not change its name.

She hoped that the park would forever remain in memory of her great-grandfather.

She was perhaps unaware that just a few hundred metres away is a stone plaque which bears the new name of the park — Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar Park. But, few call Cubbon Park by its official name. Ms. Narolla said she also visited the Raj Bhavan where Sir Mark Cubbon stayed in the 1850s.

She said she remembered her mother telling her of her visit to Cubbon Park and other places of interest in Bangalore a couple of decades ago.

She brought with her photographs of her mother and other family members posing in front of their ancestor's statue.

Mr. Tony, a surgeon of Indian origin in the United Kingdom, is in Bangalore to participate in the Congress of Royal College of Surgeons of England. The couple took time off the conference to go round the park.

According to historical accounts, Sir Mark Cubbon was a British army officer with the East India Company, who became the British Commissioner of erstwhile Mysore State. He is known to have remained the British Commissioner of Mysore State till he left India in 1860.

Corrections and ClarificationsThe first paragraph of a report "A memorable visit for Cubbon's descendant"(Some editions, May 15, 2010) described Sir Mark Cubbon to be the Britishresident of the then Mysore State. He was the Commissioner of Mysore(1834-1861).

The fourth paragraph said "... just a few hundred metres away is a stoneplaque which bears the new name of the park - Jayachamarajendra WadiyarPark." The park is named after Maharaja H.H. Chamaraja Wadiyar (1881-1894)on the occasion of the silver jubilee celebration of the rule of his sonMaharaja Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV in 1927. A statue of the Maharaja was alsoinstalled in the park.