On a cold winter’s night when your hands are freezing and your throat feels dry, noble ideas like justice and fighting evil are not the foremost thoughts on your mind. But after a good cup of piping hot tea, you are back to feeling that your presence might actually make a change — a simple philosophy that has motivated a family holidaying in Delhi to come to Jantar Mantar everyday since December 30 to distribute biscuits and tea, piping hot and mixed with cinnamon, to the silent protestors demanding justice for the gang-rape victim.

Making a difference

“It is a severe winter and holding a cup of chai in your hand for even five minutes can make a world of difference. People from all walks of life have landed here to mourn the memory of the gang-rape victim and not everyone can afford to buy endless cups of tea, the cheapest of which is Rs.7,” says Samy, who came to the city with her husband to celebrate New Years and visit with her brother Tanzeel who studies in Jamia Millia Islamia.

The celebration turned out differently when they heard about the gory incident and decided to help in their own way. They served the students from the different universities, the activists and the professionals.

“It was a family idea. We usually make one big pot and bring it in flasks, and when that is over we make a new batch,” adds Samy, pointing to the portable gas, tea kettle, packets of cinnamon and a crusher. Her brother is quick to serve everyone who comes and passersby.

The family however are not the only good Samaritans. “There was this Sikh couple who came for several days and distributed food, nobody lined up in front of them, they went around serving everyone,” said Neha, a professional who has been coming to the protest site everyday.