Three supporters of the ruling Trinamool Congress, including a local panchayat pradhan, were arrested for allegedly beating up the owner and employees of a waste management company at Serampore in Hooghly district on Friday. They were produced before a court and released on bail on Saturday.

“This is what happens when you work in [West] Bengal,” owner Sumit Kumar Agarwal said, pointing to his injuries. He said hundreds of people stormed into the company and attacked the security guards and employees, including himself, with rods and sticks.

“There is no work culture here,” said Mr. Agarwal, on whose complaint the arrests were made.

But Trinamool supporters alleged that the company was polluting the area and they had advised the owner to take measures to protect the environment.

To this, Mr. Agarwal said the company had the requisite certificate from pollution control authorities.

The attack, coming on the heels of a cargo handling company, HBT, deciding to pull out of the Haldia Dock Complex after three of its officers were abducted and forced to leave Haldia at gunpoint on October 28, has created a stir in industry circles.