18,225 accidents till June this year

Despite the introduction of electronic gadgets for surveillance and the crackdown on erring motorists by the Motor Vehicles Department and the police across the State, 2,064 people were killed in 18,225 road accidents in the first six months of the year.

The number of deaths in road accidents daily in the State rose to 11 on an average, and the total number of accidents on the roads daily to over 100, raising concern among law-enforcers and the public alike.

As many as 4,145 people were killed in road accidents in the State in 2011 and 3,950 in 2010. Going by the current trends, law enforcers say, the number of deaths and road accidents is likely to be on the higher side this year.

The death of more than one person and head-on collisions are a cause for concern.

Statistics compiled by the police show that in the first six months of this year, the maximum number of accidents occurred in January (3,263), leaving 2,352 people seriously injured.

The trend of more road accidents occurring in the State during January as compared to the other five months has been continuing since 2007. In January and February alone, 698 persons were killed in the road accidents.

Of them, 80 per cent were pedestrians and two-wheeler riders. An analysis showed that 309 were two-wheeler riders and 241 pedestrians. Only 10 per cent of those travelling in cars and buses were killed.

The shocking figures had forced the police to step up vigil and launch an awareness drive across the State from April 17. The focus was on ensuring that two-wheeler riders wore helmets, safety of pedestrians, and avoiding drunk driving. However, the death of 1,366 people in the months of March, April, May, and June revealed that the road safety had not improved.

There is growing concern over the number of two-wheeler accidents. As many as 8,619 accidents involving two-wheelers occurred during the six-month period. An analysis found that sleek and brand new two-wheelers that were hitting the roads were involved in a majority of the accidents, and speeding and reckless driving led to fatal accidents. Ninety per cent of the motorcyclists killed in January and February succumbed to head injuries.

In the case of four-wheelers, especially light motor vehicles, the number of road accidents was 4,566. Private buses accounted for 1,686 accidents, and those of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, 663.

  • 698 people killed in January, February

  • 1,366 killed in March, April, May, and June