They complain of unbearable chemical smell

As many as 16 women plantation workers fell sick immediately after spraying pesticides on tea bushes. The workers who puked and swooned were immediately rushed to the hospital.

The workers of a tea estate near Periya Karumalai Estates in Valparai complained of unbearable chemical smell from the pesticide despite the mask on their faces.

The workers were identified as Meenakshi (50), Lakshmi (40), Palaniammal (37), Logeshwari (30), Muniammal (38), Ranjitham (37), Mary (35), Boopathi (44), Shanmugathai (37), Thavamalar (39), Amudha (32), Valarmathi (35), Parvathy (39), Veeralakshmi (38), Guruvammal (41) and Anbukkarasi (49).

A section of the plantation workers alleged that the pesticide supplied was endosulfan, no immediate confirmation was made available. Revenue officials rushed to the place and visited the hospital, where the workers were admitted and made arrangements for better health care.

The women returned to normal condition after 4 hours of treatment. Inquiries are on into the incident.

  • The workers puked and swooned after applying pesticides to tea bushes

  • Section of workers alleges it is endosulfan