Commencement of vegetable retail outlets by the Department of Agriculture at three-select places on a pilot basis is yielding the desired results as the prices in the open market had started cooling down.

The outlets were opened at Avinashi, Pongalur and Perumanallur on January 26 with the aim of selling fresh vegetables and fruits at a highly discounted rates than the costs in the open market.

Sales pick up

Sales at the three retail outlets picked up at a phenomenal pace as the venture became a runaway hit among the hoi polloi who had been reeling under the cascading effect of inflation and the skyrocketing prices of vegetables. More than 41,000 kg of vegetables, worth about Rs. 8 lakh, have been sold through the three outlets in the first fortnight itself till Thursday, even though the outlets functions only from 8 a.m. to 12 noon everyday, Assistant Director of Agriculture Mohammed Kalimullah Sherif told The Hindu.

Since the opening of the outlets, the prices of vegetables like tomato had come down in the open markets engulfing it from Rs. 20 kg to Rs. 12 a kg. As a result the prices of tomato in the retail outlet itself came down further to Rs. 6 a kg on Thursday.

Likewise, the costs of coconut and bellary onion too had significantly been reduced.

The bellary onion is now priced at Rs. 25 a kg at the department-run retail outlets, which itself was a dip from Rs. 30 a kg sales price prevailed on January 26.

“We are expecting further scaling down of prices as the sales picks up in the retail outlets in the coming days,” Mr. Sherif said.

  • More than 41,000 kg of vegetables have been sold through the three outlets till Thursday
  • The outlets were opened on Republic Day