CHENNAI: The Supreme Being is hailed as the father and mother of the entire creation because it is the Lord who is the ultimate cause of this universe and it is He who sustains it and withdraws it into Himself at the time of dissolution. Due to the Lord’s inscrutable power of Maya human beings are unable to comprehend His divine nature and power, especially when He incarnated in human form. It is out of concern for mankind that the Almighty, who is the omnipotent Lord, deigns to make Himself accessible as otherwise it is not possible for man to experience His benevolence.

In his Harikatha, Kalyanapuram Sri R.Aravamudachariar said though the Almighty concealed His divine nature during His incarnation as Rama, there were many distinguishing marks that proclaimed His divinity that even a demon like Viradha could understand that Rama was the Lord-incarnate. After he was freed from the curse (to become a Rakshasa) when he was killed by Rama, Viradha regained his former self (he was a celestial, Tumburu by name). The Kamba Ramayanam notes that realising Rama was God-incarnate, Viradha extolled Him : “You are the very form of Dharma. Are You not the father as well as the mother of all gods including Brahma? You are the whole universe. The entire universe is Yours… There are no calves which do not know their mothers, and the mother knows her calves, too. In Your case, though as the mother of the whole universe You know all living beings, it is a wonder that they do not know Your compassion! What is this Maya which is practised by You which confuses us?”

If even demons could understand Rama’s divine nature what more can be said of sages, who had done severe penance in order to realise Him? As directed by Viradha, Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana proceeded to meet Sarabhanga when they saw heavenly beings and Indra conversing with the sage. Indra had come in person to escort Sarabhanga to heaven which the sage had merited by his penance but Sarabhanga had tarried intuition that the Lord Himself was coming to his abode. He directed Rama to Sage Sutikshana and worshipping the Lord in person ascended to the abode of Brahma (Creator).