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  • Paromita Pain
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A screen shot of iDuple that aggregates web services across the Internet.
A screen shot of iDuple that aggregates web services across the Internet.

He claims to sell dreams. Quiz him on it and Sreelaj John (25) will talk about his venture iDuple. “The word iDuple means ‘I sell dreams.' It aggregates web services scattered across the Internet under one platform,” he explains.

Essentially, the iDuple Webtop is a web desktop that originated from the concept of a web-based windows environment. Windows is a very familiar environment for a user, and building an application that functions exactly like Windows will definitely improve the user experience, which in turn will increase productivity, believe its creators. Of course, simplicity is a buzzword. Sharing files here only requires the twin skills of drag and drop.

Sun Startup Essentials has granted its blessings for the team's latest offering — the Internet-enabled iDuple tablet with just a web browser. Designed to connect to a remote server running a virtual operating system, this tablet that has no hard drive will work on the cloud computing concept, with each user assigned 50 GB of storage in the clouds. Costing much lower than the average tablet, it's been designed with a touch screen and boots in five second.

No data is ever lost since everything is stored in the ‘clouds.' “We are focussing a lot on small medium enterprises wanting to bring down their software licence costs. Let's take the example of office applications. Microsoft Office applications are extremely sophisticated and expensive. But how many of us actually use them to their full potential? For most of us, a basic word processor is enough,” he explains.

They have built applications such as Disk Drives, Calendar, RSS Manager, Sticky Notes, Notepads, Document Viewers/Editors, Email Clients and Instant Messengers on the webtop platform. “For enterprises with data security concerns, we will provide branded installations so that they can have their own private networks or intranet platform,” he says.

He is the first to admit that though his idea might be novel in terms of concept, the advantages might be immediately apparent. “We provide alternatives to a lot of online or offline applications and services which are costly and the other players in those domain automatically become our competitors. Hopefully, we can convince them to work together to provide the maximum advantage to the customer,” he explains.

The team works very closely with other companies and freelancers who, Sreelaj believes, tend to be the best in the industry. “We take design very seriously, and the one thing that we boast about our product is its user interface,” he says. In a mood to expand, they are forming partnerships with foreign companies to have access to their markets.

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