The Hyderabad traffic police requested the GHMC to pass on the weather forecast reports it gets from the Meteorological Department so that it can manage the messy traffic situation during the coming rainy season.

Unveiling plans of preparedness for the approaching monsoon season, Traffic Police Additional Commissioner, C.V. Anand, said on Friday that such reports help manage traffic better. He felt the weather forecast using Doppler technique is fairly accurate and the GHMC control room which receives the reports should pass on the same to the traffic police as well.

The heads of all civic departments concerned were asked to keep available emergency teams even on Sundays, holidays and during the nights keeping in view previous year's experience. The Fire Service Department would be roped in during emergencies. Services of the Central Industrial Security Force would be used to train officers in disaster management. The traffic police had measured and found that a total of 2.34 lakh square meters of road are to be re-carpeted in city, including GHMC and Secunderabad Cantonment Board localities. Another nearly one lakh square kilometres of damaged roads too should be re-carpeted, the Additional Commissioner said. Twenty-three uncovered manholes were found on city roads.

Nearly 466 manholes are to be re-aligned with road surface level. The GHMC was asked to keep ready concrete-mix or specific type of bitumen to fill up pot-holes, which slow down traffic movement, at short notice.

Departments concerned asked to make available emergency teams even on Sundays and holidays