Bringing hope to scores of people who have refractive errors, an advanced method of LASIK surgery called OptiLASIK™ Laser Vision Correction is now available at a city hospital. The first global commercial unit of this laser machine was installed at Narayana Nethralaya recently.

Giving details of the new technology, K. Bhujang Shetty, chairman and managing director of the hospital, told presspersons on Friday that the new method was an integrated technology that could be customised to suit each eye.

“OptiLASIK™ Laser Vision Correction is able to give many patients excellent results because of the advanced technology.

Even though everyone's eyes are unique, in the past, LASIK surgery was almost the same for everyone. It simply corrected your vision based on your current glasses or contact lens prescription. But the OptiLASIK™ Laser Vision Correction procedure is much more advanced than that,” Dr. Shetty said.

“It uses the innovative technology of the Alcon® WaveLight® Refractive Suite Laser Systems to create a detailed “map” of your eyes. By using the map as a guide, surgeons are able to personalise the LASIK procedure for best results quickly and safely,” he said.

He explained that the machine's precision and accuracy has opened the doors for many people with myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism who weren't able to use LASIK in the past.

OptiLASIK™ Laser Vision Correction is now available at Narayana Nethralaya