Deputy Commissioner, ASI team visit the structure

Deputy Commissioner Shivayogi Kalasad and officials of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) visited the Jama Masjid on Saturday after The Hindu reported the sorry state of the historic structure.

The dome has developed a large crack, while a portion of the wall has collapsed.

Members of the Jama Masjid Imamat Committee showed the damaged structure to Mr. Kalasad and urged him to initiate restoration work.


The Deputy Commissioner and Ananda Teertha, senior conservator, ASI, discussed the steps to be taken to renovate the structure.

Mr. Ananda Teertha said the structure should be plastered and repainted and the electrical works undertaken. He said the work on scaffolding would begin on Monday. The area where restoration would be undertaken would be cordoned off.

He planned to invite experts from New Delhi to the masjid and offer suggestions.


“I will send a report to the ASI regional office in Dharwad, a copy which will be sent to the Union Ministry of Culture,” he said.


When the committee members suggested renovating the toilets for visitors and people who come to offer prayers, Mr. Kalasad asked them to submit a list of their demands.