The excitement of Sankranthi has once again reached in time and fervency. On this grand momentous celebration Bangalore's foodie field, Sree Nandhana Palace, a gigantic home of explicit enjoyment and extravaganza has come out on its new offer, exclusively for Sankranthi delight.

Sree Nandhana Palace is a prideful venue of lavishly staged spectacular entertainment and celebration. The festivity of Sankranthi, which unfurls the ostentatious prosperity with pompous is celebrated at Sree Nandhini Palace group of restaurants. We have created a retreat for our customers, where you can catch the taste of Sankranthi in menu with style and lavish. We have concocted a heady collection of menus which will make our customers go topsy-curvy.

For this Sankranthi, it will be never before joyfulness and delight for our customers as the boat of flourishes is making its grand way throw Sree Nandhana Palace's kitchen Chimney with varieties of dishes and drinks.

To jazz up the festive modality Sree Nandhana Palace has arranged a grand, ceremonious Sankranthi Food Festival treats for our customers at Dhakshini.Catch the excitement of Sankranthi Food Festival at Sree Nandhana Palace ‘Dhakshini', where special Sankranthi Special menus will be served 12th to 19th, January, 2011 only and taste the finesse delicacies with style and adorn. To signify the prosperity and fortunes, our customers will be welcomed with sweetie note of Sugarcane Juice.