As more consumers are opting for online banking, a report has revealed that fraudsters are developing tools to exploit the gullible.

Trend Micro’s ‘Q3 2013 Security Roundup Report’ has raised concern about not just an increase in online banking malware but also the proliferation of Apple iOS phishing sites, that too when Apple is traditionally perceived to be safe from threats. “After a spike in Q2 (5,800 sites detected in May), Apple-related phishing sites have remained steady throughout Q3, with 4,100 detected in July, 1,900 in August, and 2,500 in September. This raises concern of potential new targets in Q4 with analysts estimating sale of 31 million iPhones and 15 million iPads in the fourth quarter alone,” the report said.

The report also said that more than 2 lakh malware infections targeting online banking in Q3 were identified. India witnessed an increase of 253 per cent in online banking malware infection in the last quarter (July–August–September).

The report offers some basic tips on shopping safely online. To begin with, shop online only when you know that you are connected to a secure network. The second important thing to do is secure your shopping environment. Finally, never use a payment method that does not offer buyer protection, the report said.