Younger children enjoy doing various activities as they get bored easy and new things keep them entertained and engaged. But for the older ones, say children between 6-10 yrs of age, they enjoy an activity they have not tried before, something new.

How about signing them up for something related to sports? There are schools and other private organisations that hold sports camps during summer. The perfect thing for your child this summer. You can also get an idea of their interest in the sports, taking it further.

Basket ball camp, cricket camp, table tennis camps are some of the camps that you will find around the city. Spending a few hours shooting hoops with other children their age, trained by a professional coach, and getting the opportunity to see how far they can go is what the basket ball camp offers.

Instead of sitting around and killing time, boys and girls love the sport, trying to outdo each other, while learning about control, sharing, and competitiveness.

When home, put in a basket ball hoop and spend some time playing with them in the evening. On the other hand, if your child has shown interest in chess, then you should encourage him or her to join those classes, no use trying to get them to try another sport. They might lose interest completely.

Sounds like fun, right? Go on, find the camp that suits your child.

Aarti Krishnakumar