The Central Administrative Tribunal, Madras Bench, has ruled that appointment on compassionate ground is not a right which can be claimed at any time in future.

The Bench comprising its members B.Venkateswara Rao and R.Satapathy also observed, “It is simply not a method of recruitment. The scheme is meant to provide immediate help to the indigent family due to the sudden demise of a bread winner.”

This observation was made by the Bench while dismissing an application filed by H. Gopalakrishnan whose father died in harness nearly two decades ago.

Filing an application before the Bench, Mr Gopalakrishnan said that his father V.Haridoss was working in Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi and died in harness due to an accident in 1989 leaving behind his mother, three sisters who were minor and him aged 6 years at that time.

His mother made an application to the authorities, seeking appointment to her brother. But, her application was rejected in 1994.

The authorities informed her that either she or her eldest daughter who had attained majority could be considered for compassionate appointment.

She replied that her daughter had been married and after her son became a major, she would make another claim.

In 2000, his mother approached the authorities, seeking appointment for Gopalakrishnan on compassionate grounds and also made representation to the Defence Minister.

Her representation was rejected on the ground of delay. Hence, he filed the present application.

Dismissing the application, the Bench pointed out that “In the instant case, the family has survived for more than 20 years since the death of the employee in 1989. At this distance of time, we do not find it imperative to grant any relief to the applicant.”