The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) has directed the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) to effectively monitor the ongoing projects for early commissioning.

The projects scheduled for commissioning last year had not been commissioned as of now, the TNERC noted in its tariff order issued on Friday.

The Tangedco should also ensure that the Tantransco (Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation) simultaneously complete the associated transmission system for evacuation of power from generating stations which are getting commissioned in 2013-14 so that power generated is transmitted to load centres without bottlenecks.

Capacity addition and strengthening of transmission system would have to be carried out through a well-structured cohesive business plan and detailed individual schemes catering to the needs of the business plan, the Commission said, expressing disapproval over the way power utilities were not adhering to its directions in this regard.

The order, which was essentially meant for endorsing the increased quantum of subsidy for agriculture and huts, gave relief to consumers in general by allowing them to be charged under the tariff concerned for additional buildings on their premises not exceeding 2,000 sq. ft.

At the hearings held last month, representatives of consumers had complained that they had been booked under the provisions relating to theft of energy.

The additional buildings, beyond 2,000 sq. ft, would be charged separately and treated on a par with charges for lavish illumination. Energy charges of Rs. 10.5 per unit would be charged with fixed charges of Rs. 300 per kilo watt (KW) per month.

In respect of those practising as potters and goldsmiths, the domestic category had been made applicable if they were functioning from their houses, provided their load did not exceed 1 KW.

Thanks to the tariff order, the Tangedco would get additional revenue of Rs. 964 crore.