Yamuna Biodiversity Park in Delhi comes alive on International Day for Biological Diversity

In the ever-growing concrete jungle of Delhi, by clearing greens and slicing the Aravalli, the Yamuna Biodiversity Park is perhaps the last refuge for all indigenous fauna and flora species — frolicking in the mosaic-like wetlands and keeping their gene pool alive.

No doubt that this site was chosen to celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22 to commemorate the adoption of the text of ‘Convention on Biological Diversity’ on this day in 1992. It was a collaboration between the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and the University of Delhi.

This year the theme was ‘Water and Biodiversity’. About 70 students, researchers and teachers of Delhi University, elders from nearby villages and DDA officials participated in the event.

The park acts as the repository of approximately 50 threatened communities of the Yamuna basin and the Aravalli hills; provides ideal alternative habitats for migratory and resident bird species; enhances ground water recharge; acts as a sink for CO{-2} and other pollutants. PHOTOS: FAIYAZ A. KHUDSAR