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(dated May 21, 1961)
(dated May 21, 1961)

Lyndon Johnson in Agra

Mr. Lyndon Johnson, U.S. Vice-President, visited a village near Agra on May 19. Amidst the eager crowds a pretty one-year old girl caught Mr. Johnson's attention. Mr. Johnson walked to the mother of the baby with a broad smile, took the baby from her mother's arms and said, “I want your baby to grow up and come to the United States and watch the proceedings of the Senate from the Vice-President's gallery.” He then signed an admission card to the U.S. Senate gallery and gave it to the baby along with a yellow pencil, remarking, “It is for her to write when she is old enough to go to school.” The U.S. Vice-President and Mrs. Johnson, who visited the Taj stood at the entrance of the historic monument for a few minutes and admired its beauty as the white mausoleum dazzled in brilliant sunshine.

France, in a dramatic new bid for peace in Algeria on May 20, called a month's truce in the six-year old war as the long-postponed talks with Algerian nationalist leaders began at Evian, Eastern France. The French Government also ordered the release of 6,000 political prisoners and relaxed detention conditions for Mohammed Ben Bella – military leader of the insurrection and Vice-Premier in the “Algerian Provisional Government” – and other captive insurgent leaders.

The new college to be started by the Tirumalai Tirupati Devasthanams in New Delhi will start functioning from July 15. To begin with the college “Sri Venkateswara College of Arts and Science,” will offer courses of study in the humanities only for 300 boys and girls. It will be located temporarily in the annexe of the school buildings of the Andhra Education Society near Hardinge Bridge. The College will start offering science courses after its own buildings are constructed on a 15-acre site near Moti Bagh. The setting up of a full-fledged college, affiliated to the Delhi University, the aspiration of many South Indians here, has come true thanks to the munificent endowment of the Tirupati Devashthanams and the great initiative and drive of Mrs. Durgabai Deshmukh.



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