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dated July 9, 1960
dated July 9, 1960

Power to ban strike

The President has issued an Ordinance under which the Central Government, if it is satisfied that in the public interest it is necessary or expedient to do so, may, by a general or special order prohibit strikes in any essential services. The Ordinance defines the various services which come under the term, “essential services” under it. It was issued on July 8 by the President after no signs of response from the leaders of the employees' unions to the earnest appeal made by the Prime Minister to call off the strike scheduled to commence on July 11 were forthcoming.

Congo army

Mr. Patrice Lumumba, Prime Minister of the Congo, announced in Leopoldville on July 8 that settlement had been reached between rebel forces and the Government. The agreement with the rebel forces said all officers in the army would in future be Congolese and Belgians would only remain as technical advisers. A Congolese General would become head of the Army and Mr. Lumumba would remain Defence Minister. The settlement brought with it a sudden and total relaxation of tension in Leopoldville.

Promoting Tamil studies

The Madras Government have allotted a sum of Rs.10,000 for instituting a Readership in Tamil in the Delhi University and for improvements of its library for promoting studies in Tamil for a period of five years with effect from this year. A provision of Rs.4,000 has also been made for instituting a Lectureship in Tamil in the Allahabad University for a similar period. Mr. C. Subramaniam, Minister for Finance who is also in charge of Education, stated in Madras on July 7 that the Government were willing to consider rendering assistance in cases where they received concrete proposals for the promotion of Tamil studies by universities in other States. He said that 95 students had already been admitted to the Tamil medium course in the Government Arts College, Coimbatore, representing the full sanctioned strength for the course. He said there were 250 applicants from whom this number was selected. The material selected according to him were “quite good.”



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