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(dated May 31, 1963)
(dated May 31, 1963)

Rocket site in Kerala

The Scientific and Technical Committee of the “Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space” decided in Geneva on May 29 to send five experts from different nations to Thumba in Kerala, near the earth’s magnetic centre, to study possibilities of setting up an international sounding rocket launching site there. The decision was contained in one of five resolutions passed at the close of the 24-nation Sub-Committee’s session which opened in Geneva on May 14. A second resolution called for United Nations experts to take up the controversial question of the launching of copper “di-pole” needles into the space recently by the United States. The Soviet delegation to the Sub-Committee had repeated various criticisms of this experiment.


Flying-saucers swung back into the news on May 30 when three Australian astronomers from the Canberra Observatory claimed to have sighted a strange bright object in the sky early on May 30. The scientists stressed that the light was not due to reflection of the sun’s rays, but that the object was emitting light from its own sources. The object, sighted at 6.58 Australian Time, had no tail and therefore could not have been a meteor, the astronomers said. In their report, the astronomers said. In their report, the astronomers said the object was: (1) Self-luminous, and not glowing from reflected rays on the sun; (2) Orange red in colour and travelling from west to east; (3) Not a meteor because it was far too slow and did not leave a trail that a meteor of its size would have made; and (4) Travelling too fast for a balloon.


About five hundred goldsmiths who had been squatting outside the Prime Minister’s residence in New Delhi since May 21 to protest against the recently issued Gold Control Order, have begun a 24-hour token hunger strike to press their demand. According to a spokesman of the goldsmiths, they had been informed by the Prime Minister’s Secretariat that Mr. Nehru would not be able to meet them. The spokesman said that the squatting action would continue till their demands were met.



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