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(dated March 15, 1963)
(dated March 15, 1963)

Registration of stateless

The Indian High Commission in Ceylon has requested the government of Ceylon not to undertake any legislative measure on Stateless persons in Ceylon, particularly in regard to their enactment which might prejudice the present position of employment, in view of the discussions that are to take place between the two Governments shortly. The High Commission is understood to have referred mainly to the Registration of Persons Bill recently discussed by the Government Parliamentary Group and the scheme of Ceylonisation of employment. The Bill provides for registration of all persons in Ceylon in two categories — those on the electoral register and those who are not on the electoral register. The Stateless persons will fall in the second category.

No change in policy

Mr. K.D. Malaviya, Minister for Mines and Fuel, said the current negotiations for the establishment of an oil refinery in the South with 49 per cent foreign participation would not mean any modification of or departure from the Industrial Policy resolution. The Minister, who was replying to a two-hour debate in the Rajya Sabha on the annual report of the Indian Refineries Limited, also reiterated Government policy that “oil industry should remain in the public sector”. Nothing had happened to change this policy, he said.

Kerala Ministry

Kerala Home Minister, Mr. P.T. Chacko, gave an assurance to the Opposition in Kerala Assembly that the present Ministry would not continue in power if there was a situation in which the Congress got only a majority of three votes in the Assembly. He was answering a question by Mr. Joseph Chazhikad, Deputy Leader of PSP, why the Government kept three Communist MLAs in jail while many other leaders arrested under the Defence of India Rules were released. Mr. Chacko said that 54 persons were arrested under the Defence of India Rules in the State. They were arrested after careful examination of their previous history even before Chinese attack on India. He said that the Government were reviewing the cases of the detenues periodically and that was why some of them were released.



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