(dated March 9, 1963)

North-West border

A spokesman of the External Affairs Ministry categorically denied that any representative of the Government of India had at any time accepted the Karakoram Range of mountains as a boundary between Chinese Sinkiang and Kashmir. The spokesman was referring to an allegation made by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Z.A. Bhutto, that Mr. V.K. Krishna Menon had, in his talks with the Chinese leaders, accepted the Karakoram Range as the only reasonable boundary between India and China. The spokesman said the Government of India had always maintained that the international boundary ran along the Aghil and Kunlun ranges. Autorickshaws

The question of issuing a control order to regulate the distribution and sale of autorickshaws is now under the consideration of the Government. This was disclosed by Mr. C. Subramaniam, Minister for Steel and Heavy Industries, in a written reply to Mr. Yajnik in the Lok Sabha. The Minister said that the import of scooter-autorickshaws in built-up condition on commercial basis had been banned since 1957, but two of the approved manufacturers of scooters were permitted to import components for manufacture of autorickshaws. The number of autorickshaws produced by them last year (1962) was 1,402 as against 1,245 in 1961 and 466 in 1960.

Microwave link

Assam will be the first State in India to have the microwave link in its telecommunication system and global tenders have been invited by the Union Government for the project which is likely to be completed by the end of next year. The project will be financed by the World Bank. The introduction of the system will be a landmark in the history of the development of post and telegraph services in the country. The proposed microwave link network will provide better facilities for telephone, telegraph, teleprinter and wireless services. There will be 24 channels of this microwave link between Gauhati and Calcutta. One such channel will be equal to 24 telegraph circuits, and there will be 12 channels between Calcutta and Shillong.