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(dated October 10, 1962)
(dated October 10, 1962)

India’s protest

In the note sent on October 4 to Nepal, the Government of India had suggested a joint enquiry into the recent firing by the Nepalese police in Raxaul in Bihar. A spokesman of the External Affairs Ministry giving details of the incident said that a Nepalese police officer and two constables trespassed into Raxaul on the evening of September 29 and opened fire suddenly. The spokesman said that in the Government of India’s view it was a “pre-planned and unprovoked” attack by the Nepalese police and mentioned in support that as soon as they crossed the border an official vehicle waiting on the other side picked them up and left. The Nepalese miscreants have been identified and their names have been given to the Nepal Government. No reply has yet been received from Kathmandu.

Free Uganda born

After 68 years of British protection, Uganda became Africa’s 33{+r}{+d}independent nation on October 9. The independence ceremony took place in a stadium in Kampala, Uganda’s new capital crammed with thousands in brightly-patterned “uhuru” (freedom) costumes. Massed bands sounded the anthem of the new nation and a spotlight picked out its six-striped black, yellow and red flag.

Diamond Jubilee of VTI

A visit to the Victoria Technical Institute (VTI) in Madras, whose 75{+t}{+h}anniversary is being celebrated this year, cannot but be both interesting and stimulating. For here in a modest building are assembled choice specimens of the cottage industries and handicrafts of South India. Though called a technical institute, there is really nothing technical here. All the goods on exhibition are handmade and they are obtained from small craftsmen scattered all over South India. On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1887, a considerable sum of money was collected to commemorate the event and the question arose as to how the money could best be utilised. It was then that the Central Jubilee Committee came forward with the suggestion of a technical institute, the money in its possession being devoted to this purpose.



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