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(dated February 21, 1962)
(dated February 21, 1962)

Preservation of freedom

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Vice-President, inaugurating the U.N. Human Rights Seminar on Freedom of Information in New Delhi on February 20 made a vehement plea for the preservation of freedom of information and communication “whatever may be the risks we may run.” He said that whenever freedom was granted, they should be prepared for that freedom to be abused. “Whatever be the restrictions imposed, you cannot prevent a man getting up in the middle of a theatre and falsely cry ‘fire' and create chaos. There are some people who take a sadistic satisfaction, who have criminal tendencies in their mind and anti-social in their character, who are prone to abuse their freedom. That does not mean that we should withdraw the freedom which we have conferred,” he said, and hoped that it would be possible for the people to develop self-restraint.

Mr. Nehru on his duties

Mr. Nehru was on February 20 quoted in the Daily Mail as making the following statement: “I want to see the job finished, but who knows how much longer I can go on, may be one year, and may be two of three? I feel I would like a quieter time.” A Daily Mail correspondent in New Delhi, Mr. Arthur Cook, reported that Mr. Nehru also told him in an interview that “the choice of my successor will have to be left to the (Congress) Party.” The correspondent wrote that “soon he (Mr. Nehru) has to start another five-year term of office in the hope of taking his socialist ideals to their ultimate conclusion, but I was talking to a man who was manifestly unsure that time would be on his side.”

America's space success

The U.S. astronaut, John Glenn was blasted into space orbit around the world at 20-17 I.S.T. from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on February 20. The capsule landed safely in the Atlantic at 1-13 a.m. I.S.T. The reverse rockets were fired after Glenn had made three trips around the world. The 40-year-old marine Lieutenant-Colonel rode into the skies in the six-by-nine feet bell-shaped Mercury capsule catapulted by a 130-ton Atlas rocket, after 61 frustrating days waiting for the weather and technical difficulties to clear.



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