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(dated November 7, 1961, there being no issue dated November 8, 1961)
(dated November 7, 1961, there being no issue dated November 8, 1961)

Moratorium on tests

Even while welcoming Mr. Nehru to American shores and acknowledging the respect and interest his views evoke in the Western world, the Press in New York has drawn pointed attention to U.S. grouses against India. Over nuclear tests, the U.S. harbours the feeling that India has not been harsh enough towards Russia which broke the moratorium. It feels aggrieved that India is trying for an uninspected ban on tests even while the U.S. insists that any moratorium should be preceded by a treaty. It is annoyed that the Indian delegation to the U.N. has, while stating the Indian case, equated Russia's action with the U.S. following suit in the interest of its security. Answering questions at the interview with the Press in New York on November 6, Mr. Nehru said that when India pleaded for a moratorium pending a treaty, it did so with the urgent aim of arresting the dangerous phase set in train by the Russian action. Mr. Nehru conceded that even during a moratorium pending a treaty which he agreed was very essential, they could have some kind of inspection.

Journalists' protest

All the 22 dailies in Rangoon and four in Mandalay on November 6 left the editorial columns blank in protest against the Government's restrictions on the freedom of the Press. All these 26 dailies carried identical appeals to the Government and the public for the restoration of Press freedom in the country. Citing instances of arbitrary action of the authorities towards newspapermen who are burdened not only with ordinary laws but also by repressive Press laws, the Press appealed to the Government to curtail repressive actions in the interests of the country.

Killing of spiders

Hundreds of spiders identified as “black widows” have been flushed from their nesting places and killed with a flame-thrower wielded by the U.S. Marines, according to an AP message from New Jersey. The Fire Department's earlier efforts to kill them with burning gasoline and insecticides failed as they could not get at the nests which were among beams and girders.



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