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(dated September 22, 1961)
(dated September 22, 1961)

Ceasefire in Katanga

A virtual cease-fire is in operation in Katanga since September 20 following the agreement between the United Nations and Mr. Tshombe. Although the arrangement has not yet been approved by the U.N. Secretariat at New York, the cease-fire has come into effect, a spokesman of the U.N. said in Leopoldville on September 21. Diplomatic observers pointed out that the agreement was a provisional one.

Berlin crisis

The U.S. Secretary of State, Mr. Dean Rusk, started on September 21 a series of conference with the Soviet Foreign Minister, Mr. Andrei A. Gromyko, in New York, to find out whether a peaceful solution to the Berlin crisis may be possible.

Circarama film show

Circarama, a unique entertainment experience, was shown in Calcutta to Pressmen on September 21 under the auspices of the USIS. The Circarama actually is 11 movie cameras mounted together and operating as a single unit but with their lenses pointed outward from a central point. Thus the cameras ‘see' in all directions. The film is projected on 11 screens by 11 projectors electrically linked and synchronised. The screens each 10 feet by 13 feet, are mounted inside the upper part of a large cylinder 48 feet in diameter which is the Circarama theatre. The audience stands in the centre of the cylinder surrounded by the screen. And as they watch the motion picture on all sides, viewers have the illusion that they are in the very centre of the film's activity. Through the ‘magic' of the Circarama, the audience is taken on a tour of the U.S. from the east to the west coast of the country. After being exhibited in Calcutta for a few weeks, it will be shown in Bombay, Madras, Bangalore and New Delhi.

Ship for cable laying

The world's first ship capable of laying a trans-Atlantic cable in a single operation was launched in Luebeck, West Germany, on September 19. The vessel is 150 metres long, can carry 12,000 tons, and has room for 140 people. It can be used for cable-laying, as a floating workshop or as a normal motor-propelled merchantman.



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