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dated March 10, 1961
dated March 10, 1961

Disarmament talks

Complete and total disarmament from all aspects was the main topic of discussion at the session of the Commonwealth Prime Ministers in London on March 9, seven of whom participated in the debate which was highlighted by agreement on fundamentals and general principles though slight differences of views came up in regard to detail. During the debate, some of the delegates advanced the view that disarmament should be obtained through the United Nations, some said it should be obtained outside of it, while others thought People's China should be associated in disarmament moves at some stage or other.

U.N. efforts in Congo

President Kennedy and Ghana's President Nkrumah announced after a 90-minute conference in Washington on March 8 that they agreed on the need for full support for United Nations efforts to bring peace in the Congo. They said in a communiqué that they recognised the “central importance of the role of the U.N. in Africa and the importance of the African countries working together for the peaceful development of that great continent.” President Kennedy told reporters the talks had been “most useful.” President Nkrumah said they had discussed his proposal for making the African nations primarily responsible for bringing peace to the Congo.

Baby elephant for Zoo

A four-year baby elephant is shortly to be added to the Madras Zoological Gardens, being a gift by a prominent couple now residing at Coonoor-Marquis Woodland Kahler De St. Innocent, President of the International Vegetarian Union, and his wife. The presentation will be made jointly on behalf of the International Vegetarian Union and also of the Indian Vegetarian Congress, of which he is a life member, on March 19. “Olga Lakshmi,” as the newcomer will be called, is expected to offer a welcome attraction to the visitors. Marquis Kahler is an Associate Editor of The Voice of Ahimsa, published in India by the World Jain Mission, besides being the Paris Representative of the International Vegetarian Union at the UNESCO.



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